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Facts and Questions about Lyme Disease

By and large, when it comes to the Lyme disease, the major transmission agent of the infectious agent in the disease has been confirmed to be ticks. The risk of contracting the disease is generally year round even though there is a higher risk of contracting the disease in the periods of late spring running into the early summer periods.

Statistics have it that over 300000 new cases of the disease are recorded to be occurring on an annual basis in the United States alone. Besides this, you need to know the fact that this is one of the most prevalent kinds of the diseases that are spread by ticks. The good news anyway is that this is not such a life threatening disease. Read on for more on the facts that you need to know of Lyme disease.

Talking of the agents responsible for the spread and cause of the disease, Lyme disease is caused by a different species of the spirochete Borrelia. Spirochetes are the long and slender, cork-screw like bacteria, a fraction of a micron in diameter but come in varied lengths, ranging from 2 to 250 microns. The primary reservoir of the Borellia species of the spirochetes is most commonly the rodents such as the white footed mouse, quite common in the northeastern United States. The infection by the spirochetes is actually transmitted through tick bites. Visit Sponaugle Wellness Institute here!

Talking of the areas where the Lyme disease is most common, you need to know what kind of environmental conditions that would favor this. One, an area that has animals that are infected with the Lyme disease bacteria will quite be a high prevalence area for Lyme disease. Secondly, there need to be ticks that would be transmitting the disease from one to another carrier. Aside from these, there should as well be the animal hosts that will be providing breeding ground and feeding places for the ticks in their various stages of life. However this said and done, Lyme disease happens to be quite prevalent in Asia, Europe and North America. You can also watch this video at for more info about health.

Those who may be as active in outdoor activities in the forested areas happen to be quite a high risk of contracting the disease. These are such as campers, hikers and hunters. You as well stand at risk when you walk in the city parks that may be known to be infested and you brush on the leaves of the vegetation in the park. Check out Sponaugle Wellness Institute now!

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